How To Promote Your Startup – 10 Tips To Consider

Are you finding it difficult to grow your startup? Maybe you’ve already tried traditional marketing methods such as paid search advertising, digital media, blog writing, email marketing and sponsoring events. If so it’s time to ‘think outside the box and try creative marketing methods.


Here are ten creative marketing tips for your consideration.


Launch a referral programme.

Research shows that 92% of people trust personal recommendations above all other forms of marketing. So, if you want to develop a large following quickly, this is ideal for you. You just allow your existing customers to help promote your product for you, for example you may offer your customers a percentage discount when they introduce a friend.


There are a range of referral tools which you can use to help you with the more difficult aspects of launching a referral programme. They include Referral Factory, Advocately, Friendlybuy, InviteReferrals, Invite Box, Mention Me, Genius Referrals, Amplifnity, Ambassador and Referral Rock.


Talk Shows

Talk shows are a good low-cost way of creating awareness of your product. Simply research relevant programs on your local radio and TV, then contact the programme host to see if you can appear on the programme.


Trade Shows

By attending trade shows and conferences you will have the opportunity to connect with influencers giving you the potential to build your following, at a low cost.


Give away stickers

Giving away stickers is a cost-effective way of standing out from your competitors and building your customer base. Source a printer which specialises in sticker production and who will give you a discount on volume, then hand out the stickers to passers-by and leave them in public spaces.


An example of a company using this marketing method is Reddit. When Alexis Ohanian launched this community site, he personally travelled around putting stickers in visible places and giving them away to the public.


Forum posters

Once you have established that your product or service has a solid solution, research for users who post on forums which are related to your product.  This way you can promote your product to those who are most interested.


Features in major publications

It is worth building a relationship with publications by sharing their content and engaging with their editors. As your relationship grows you may be able to announce your new product features through them.


Customer specific content

Once you know your customer profile you will be able to create specific content for them. More specific and focused content is more effective, so target your content as tightly as you can.


Host a contest

Hosting a contest on a channel such as Facebook is a great way to grow your startup.


Connect with a brand from a different sector

If your startup is too small you could partner with a larger company from a different sector. This way both sets of customers learn about the other’s products and both companies gain more visibility in the marketplace.


Use your product as a social cause

By using your product for a social cause, customers can interact with your physical product in a way which helps a greater purpose. For example, a beer company in Brazil allowed their beer drinkers to scan the can for a train ride, reducing litter and encouraging the use of public transport. 


If you are going to grow your startup, you need to use creative marketing. You must become the most active user and create content which engages others to use your product.


If you are looking to get more users on a regular basis then use an incentive, contests, bonuses or even cash. For a bigger boost, create a piece of content that will become popular, videos often work.


Making valuable connections with other brands and publications will significantly increase your reach at a low cost. Finally reach out to cold prospects users, influencers and others who will love your product.

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