How To Prevent Being Ghosted After Your Initial Sales Pitch

After the initial pitch is over, the real hard work will have to be done—preventing your prospective clients from ghosting you.


Here are some tips on how you can prevent being ghosted. 


Send your video proposal asap


Video proposals are the way to go in the 21st century. We suggest a video proposal as a way to captivate your prospective client.


In today’s day and age, customers don’t want to read long winded and multiple page documents, they want to go straight to the point. 


The video proposal will make your client feel like they are in control. A video allows your clients to watch it at their own time and gives them the ability to pause it at any moment, making them feel less restricted. 


It is important to keep your video short and to ensure that the phrasing used isn’t too complicated or long. This will entice your market and make you seem interesting from a customer’s perspective.


Make sure your responses are within the hour


One way to prevent ghosting is to ensure fast replies. If there is one thing that makes a customer stay, is your willingness to make them feel like the only customer. 


When a client asks for something that cannot be done or answered in that exact moment, do not leave them waiting until you have all of the information. 


Respond to their emails or texts with a quick: “I will be able to get back to you at [enter date and time here] with a complete answer”, or “this will be actioned by [enter time and date here]”. It shows them that you are just as serious as they are. 


Finish every conversation with a next step 


Another motivation sometimes hiding behind the disappearance of a potential client is that your client is unsure of what the next step will be. This is why it is crucial to inform your client clearly of the next steps. By including the next step in your communication after the conclusion of a step,, your client will know what to expect and will stay engaged with you. 


Not knowing what the future holds creates a distance between you and your client, and being unclear what is going to happen makes clients anxious and uncertain which leads to their not making any decision at all. To build a transparent relationship, you \need to create a transparent action plan. If the customer is informed at every step of the process, they can also ask you if something can be changed to their liking. 


Ensure that you have more than one contact 


When pitching to a business it is always important to source more than one contact person. If you have more than one contact, it makes it harder for you to be ghosted. Sometimes the ghosting is unintentional and you can confirm with your secondary contact whether all is well with your primary point of contact. 


By following up on leads, and contacting the company through other channels, your prospective client will find it harder to ghost you.


Please note: we are not saying that you should spam your prospective clients’ inboxes with multiple emails every day.. Stay professional and keep a calm and friendly tone. 


Give them a compelling reason to stay


Lastly, the old fashioned but reliable way to avoid being ghosted is of course to add value for them —  give your clients a compelling reason to stay in contact  with you


It all comes down to how you treat your clients. Great customer service is one of the most important aspects of doing business, whether it is landing a deal or servicing an existing client. If you treat your clients with respect and make them feel important, they will definitely stay to see what’s next.


There are other aspects to maintaining a client relationship of course, whether it is your competitive prices, or your quality products, or even your freebies. 


Prospective clients will always remember that someone treated them with respect or when someone pitched an out of the box proposal. Keeping a customer does not start when they join your business, it starts from the first time you meet them. Remember the evergreen e saying—first impressions last!

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